My name is Marilyn Ferguson, and I am a lifetime resident of Illinois, USA.
I am 48 years old and graduated from (B-PC) Bushnell-Prairie City
 High School in Bushnell, Illinois in 1972. Shortly thereafter, I married
 and moved to a location several miles south. This area has
 been my home for the past 28 years.
My poetry reveals much about the person I am and reaches
into the very depths of my inner being, reflecting all that I am
 as a child of God.  He has blessed me with my poetry-writing ability,
and it is to His name that I give the glory.
It is my prayer that you will find peace and a refuge from the
 turmoil and frantic pace of everyday living, when reading my poetry.

Echoes of the Heart  by Marilyn Ferguson

  The Song   The Masterpiece
Christmas Lights in Heaven The Christmas Wish
The Easter Story Angel Tears at Christmas
A Heavenly Home The Invisible Stairway
God Speaks To Me I Have A Wonderful Life
The Spirit of Christmas Christmas Without You
 This Side of Heaven Just A Breath Away
Victorian Lace on Mothers Day  Yesterday's  Years
Fields of Blessings on
Fathers Day
The Prince of Peace at Christmas
Memories and Sunshine   Springtime Wonder
Tsunami Disaster Prayer Memories on Mother's Day

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