~~ Poets With Passion Gallery ~~

Since beginning my site in June 2000, I have been so blessed,
and feel so very humble, in that many talented and gifted poets
have given permission for their poetry to be displayed on my website.

My heartfelt thanks goes to each and everyone of these wonderful poets,
for without their generosity and kindness this website would not exist.

I thought it would be a good idea to have a photograph of some of the poets
whose poetry is displayed on my site, so as you are able to put a face to an author.

Permission has been granted by the individual poets for their photographs
to be displayed on this site.

                  Pamela Hall                                   Norma Marek                            Marian Jones

Joan Clifton Costner          Brenda Kay Conley                  James A Kisner

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis                       Terry Barnes                            Pearlie Duncan Walker

  Marilyn Ferguson                       Bob Hefner                  Emily McAdams

    Vickie Lambdin                       Nancye Sims                       Ruth Ann Mahaffey

Peggy O'Hara                            Ralph L. Clark                          Shirley Pickens

                Cecelia Gross                          Pamela Lawson                   Allison Chambers Coxsey

Faye Kilday                           Melinda Sue Heatherly                           Valentyne Lang

Eunice Powe                          Claytia Doran                     Ginny Bryant

         Nancy Burr                                Gloria Martel                                        Derry Bloss

Linda Ann Henry                                          Lora Cox                                             Janie Moser




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