I live in a small town right in the heart of Texas.
I was born in August which makes me a Leo.  True to form,
my motto is "Hear me roar!"
I have been writing since I was a child but I never felt as if I
were good enough to have anyone read my stuff.
A special lady encouraged me to get my poems out of their box
in the closet floor and share them with others.
Praise God, people actually liked them.
Other than my love for poems, I love singing, animals and children,
and making things.

I hope you will enjoy reading my poetry!

  Inspirations by Claytia Doran 

This Little Angel of Mine Little Tiny Tears
Dream of an  Angel For Heavens Sake
God Sees Us As We Can Be The One Who Moves The Mountain
Kindness I Too Must Weep
Faith God Is My Best Friend
Mary's Child Where Are You God
What Is My Name A Prayer
Someone Named Jesus My Pot of Gold
The Greatest Man Sonflower
My Mother, That's Who Every
She Painted Me A Picture Jesus Be The Daddy In Our House
Erase The Claw Marks My Halo Was on Too Tight
Just Try Being Yourself What You Feed, Grows
Speeches Are Forgotten Are You Homeless?
If It Follows Me Home President's Day
A Blessing
My House of Friendship
Test Your Love
I'll Fly Away
A Special Gift
Talk To God
Mama and Granny
I Know Whose Daughter You Are
Home is Where the Heart Is
It's Not Who We Are, But Whose
A Grandparent
Across The Miles
Give Thanks The Kid Inside You
When We Cry It Came Back
Hear My Prayer The Soul That Lost It's Way
A Perfect Time To Pray I Wish I Could Have Known Me
Be Still More to come


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