Hi everyone, my name is Pamela Lawson.
I have been writing poetry ever since I was little, it wasn't until 2001 I began
 seriously writing again. It is my sincerest hope that as you read the words
in which I write you will find comfort, hope, faith, guidance, peace and most
of all love to lift your fallen spirit, to wipe away your tears,
to give you a sense of direction throughout  your daily walk through life.

One important thing to remember is; regardless of the obstacles, setbacks,
heartaches one encounters on a daily basis you are never alone.
  There isn't anything you cannot get through as long as you believe.
  I hope in some small way my words will touch the depths of your
heart and soul.  I thank God with every breath I take for blessing my life
with an awesome gift.  He truly is the author and I merely the pen.
  Take Care and God Bless.
Pamela Lawson

Poetry by Pamela Lawson

Please Don't Hurt Me In the Arms of an Angel
 The Prisoner Within My Rainbow in the Sky
Follow the Brightest Star  My Mommy and Me

How do I Live Without You

An Angel Watching Over Me
Treasured Moments God's Perfect Work of Art
Take it to The Lord  Ann - My Precious Daughter
A New Year  Come Back To Me
 My Angel On Earth  A Family Bond
 My Lonely Heart  A Blessing Within my Heart
 Thoughts of You  Seven Angels
 Your Heart   Sharing Our Love
 Keys to my Heart  A Blessing in Disguise
 A True Friend God's Love Heals All Things
A True Blessing  God Speaks To Me
 Our Nations Prayer  God Bless Our Troops
A Special Tribute to all Coalition Allies A Soldier's Son
My Mother's Love God's Special Creation
America's Freedom Will Endure  Happy Birthday Halea !
coming soon  The Perfect Gift
In the Palm of God's Hand  Prayer for Hannah
coming soon  

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