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Inspirational Poetry and Reflections
Various Poets

Eternal Ink
by - Craig F. Pitts

Little Shoes
by Terri Wright

An Indian Prayer Lessons You Learned
by - Marlene Gerba
  Full Circle
by - Gloria Dianne
Let  Me  Show  The Way
by - Francine Pucillo
God's Lent Child
MacKenzie Yvonne Bryceland
by - Tom Krause
Let me Not Live A Life That's Free
by - Helen Steiner Rice

I Have A Dream
by - Martin Luther King, Jr
The Soldiers Last Letter
by - Ernest Tubb
The Legend
by -
Linda Marie Founts
Some Mistakes Can Never be Erased
by -
Ralph L. Clark
 Trail of Tears
by - Cecelia Gross
 On The Wings of Prayer
Helen Steiner Rice
Down by a Babbling Brook
by Leslie M Willson Snr
The Collector
Marilyn L. Kish Mason
You are my Night and Day
by Ralph L Clark
Time to Live
by Ralph Marston
The Dreamer
by Joe
Pielmeier Snr.
Take Some Time
by Leon Hansen
The Coming of Dawn
           Veronica A. Shoffstall
Life's Tug of War
by Dr James Robert Rowe
 The Quilt
by Pattricia Pumill
My Evening Prayer
by R. Brent
by Nancy Hoback
Follow Your Heart
by Faye Kilday
It's up to You
by Faye Kilday
by Faye Kilday
The Miracle
by Faye Kilday
The Answers Lie Within You
by Faye Kilday
Gods Love is Everywhere
by Faye Kilday
Gods Promise
by Faye Kilday
Our Baby Angel
by Betty Jo Mings
Prayer of Faith
by Jo Ann Kelly
A Touch of Love
by Norma Liles
Hello God
by B J Morbitzer
Everyday Miracles
by Jenny Genesoto
Father's Love Letter Just Me
by Tom Krause
A Small Little Bird
by Tom Krause
More to come
More to come More to come

Judy's Dedications to Family, Friends  and Loved Ones

Daddy, I will always love you
by - Elaine Hall

Please  be patient and wait for music to download
Dear Dad
by - Anne Dunajcik
Joshua ~ God's Gift
by - Joe Pielmeier Sr
It Is Finished
by - Leslie M. Willson Sr.
I Prayed
by Nancy Burr
Coming Soon!


Judy's  Memorial,  Tributes and Loving Memories Pages

In Loving Memory of Rachael
by - Nancy
Dear Children of the Earth
by - Schim Schimmer
It Is Finished
by - Leslie M. Willson
Towers of Angels
by - Megan Marinello
Angels Called Justice
by - Peggy O'Hara
You Answered Your Last Call
by - Robert L. Houle
Andrew - Our Angel
by - Doris
STS107 - Columbia Crew
     by Nancy Hoback
Seven Angels
           by Jill Eisnaugle
Let Freedom Ring
          by Nancy Hoback
Our Absent Brothers
Karla W. Daigle
A Simple Soldier
by A. Lawrence Vaincourt
Coming Soon!
Two Thousand One, Nine Eleven
by Paul Spreadbury
Indian Wind Talkers
by Barbara LaBarbera
The Bells of Heaven Ring for Noel Jones
by James Herbert Henderson

Judy's Christmas, Easter & New Year Inspirational Pages
A Prayer for the New Year
by - Helen Steiner Rice
Let Me Remember
by - Loretta Jane Moore
Yes, Virginia There
Is A Santa Claus
Francis P. Church
A Blind Man's Christmas Prayer
James Herbert Henderson
by Nancy Hoback
 Was there a Christmas Dove
by James Herbert Henderson
 Forgotten Son
by Frances
 There's Poetry in the Air
James Herbert Henderson


  Easter Morning
by Glen Pysell
Three Crosses
by Glen Pysell
As We Count Our Blessings
by Jo Ann Kelly
A Blessed Christmas
by Elena Ramirez
More to come


Angel Poems

Hugs From Heaven
by - Charlotte Anselmo

Lend Them An Angel
by - Robin C.  Burns

Mommy I see Angels
By - Angel
Angels Are Always There
by - Leigh Engel
A Friend or an Angel
by - Robert Breaux
Angel Kisses
by - Peggy Bouse
It Might Take A Bucket
of Tears
by Ralph Clark
Do You Hear The Angels
by Faye Kilday
Angels in Disguise
by Faye Kilday
God Sends His Angels
by Rufus Curtis
My Family of Angels
by Ralph Cotton
Angels Hugging Angels
by JoAnn Kranik

Tributes to:   Mothers and Fathers - Husbands and Wives

My Mother's Day Poem to Mom
By Diane Montroy
A Mother's Prayer Answered
by -
Leslie M. Willson, Sr
Daddy's Day
by -
Cheryl Costello-Forshey
Just A Mother in Law
by -
Angela Tramel
More to come A Mother's Grief
by - Kay Brewer
Somebody's Mother
by Mary Dow Brine
Mother's Heart
by Mary Carter Mizrany
Mothers Precious Love
by Max E Sager
Fathers Are Wonderful People
by Helen Steiner Rice
When God Created Fathers
By Erma Bombeck
by Mary Palmer
by Loretta Coley Lipsey & Laura Lipsey Hayes
More to come
A Mother
by Adria
More to come


Heart  Strings

I Want to Tell You Lies
by - KalVere
Can You See Heaven In Tomorrow
by - Bob Perks
More to come A Mother's Tears
by -
Marsha Burks Megehee
Paradox in Time
by - George Carlin
More to come
Making Sarah Cry
by Cheryl Costello-Forshey
More to come
More to come More to come


Spiritual Poetry

Precious Trinity
by Gary Hall
Our Friend Who's Gone Away
by - M Gerran
May You Always Feel Loved
by - Ruth Bourdon~
How To Live Your Dash
by - Linda Ellis
 He Will Make Your 
Day Rosy

by Bob Hefner
Howling Wolf
by - Bud Hill
 The Precious Book
By - Bernice Peyman
Bend in the Road
By - Helen Steiner Rice
Words To Heal
by - Gladys Washington
It's in the Valley's I Grow
by - Jane Eggleston
New Dawn
by - Wind Walker
Conversation With God
Joe Pielmeier Sr.
 The Bridge of Life
by - Bernice Peyman
by -
Gary Hall
Heaven's Door
by Jill Eisnaugle
The Age of Beauty
by - Terri McPherson
You are a Beautiful Person
Terri McPherson
In The Light Of Love
by Terri McPherson
 All The Angels Were Busy
Renee Caldwell
Great Spirit
The Dream
by Cecelia Gross
A Vessel of Mercy
by Nancy Hoback
Prayer on Highway 12
Alexander Lich
Free Spirit
by Barbara (Bobbi) La Barbera
Indian Spirit
by Barbara (Bobbi) La Barbera
More to come
Child of God
By Jo Ann Kelly
  A Touch of Love
by Norma Liles
The Lord is my Strength
by Betty Jo Mings
Window to the Heart
by Rev. Gary Hall
More to come More to come
More to come More to come

Love and Friendship Poetry
 Friendship  Tapestry
by - M. Gerran

The Golden Chain of Friendship
by - Helen Steiner Rice
Beneath A Lovely Willow Tree
by - Francine Pucillo
My Special Flower
by - Francine Pucillo

I Believe In Miracles
by - Ruth Bourdon
A Special Friend
by Donald Hayes
I'm Glad I've Touched Keyboards With You
by Samantha
I Wish You Joy and Peace to Find
by - Catherine Scott
  Grandpa's Farm
by Sylvia Burnett
 For A Wonderful Daughter
by Larry S. Chengees
More to come   Memories
by - Sharynne L. Jupp
My Love - My Life
by - Blue Wolf
by - Kay Brewer
 Two Broken Hearts in Heaven Will Greet by James Herbert Henderson Lifetime Friend
by Pat Ford
To my Down Under Sweetheart
by James Herbert Henderson
Where Did my Baby Girl Go!
by Ralph Cotton
My Love Is Yours
by Robert Lewis
 My Heart Belongs to You
by Nancy Burr
Invisible Friend
J. Pielmeier Sr
When Two Teardrops Touch
by Sheri Walters & Don Everhart
More to come Nights To Remember
by Kay Brewer

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