God, you've brought me through many battles 
And, hard as the journey has been, 
I've never been lonely or frightened 
Because I know you are my friend.
Others are living in darkness, 
Not seeing that you are divine.
If there aren't enough angels to show them the way, 
Lend them an angel of mine.
The world in the news can be awful, 
And I've had my share of pain, 
But you've given me what I needed, 
And comfort in the rain.
Other lives are in turmoil and upset, 
And I'm sure you'll see to it I'm fine 
Where there is hate and destruction, 
Please lend them an angel of mine.
It isn't that I don't need you, 
But I already know you are there 
Watching and protecting 
With the tenderest of care.
Sometimes, the suffering of others I've caused, 
and although I'm blind, 
I'd like to think, when they're hurting, 
You've lent them an angel of mine.
by Robin C.  Burns

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