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Inspirational Poetry and Reflections
~~ Authors unknown ~~

What Have You Learned In Life

A Peaceful Place

Unicorn Dreams Food For Thought
Life Don't Look Back
Shake it off Goodnight Kisses
You Are Unique Strength
Don't Quit Believe in your heart
A Letter in the Night One Thing To Never Forget
coming soon Beginning Today
Freedom Isn't Free 23rd Psalm ~
As said by Cherokee Indian
Dream Wait

Judy's Dedications to Family, Friends
 and Loved Ones

A Mother's Crown A Friend To Me

Judy's  Memorial,  Tributes and
Loving Memories Pages

Hattie May Wiatt Lord Grant us Tears That Heal


Judy's Christmas, Easter & New Year
Inspirational Pages

ABC's of Christmas My First Christmas in Heaven
Santa's Gift Santa's Secret
I am the Christmas Spirit Dear Santa


Angel Poems

Don't Mourn For Me
by Laura Amy Gill
Heaven's Special Child
Love of Angels Little Angels
A Guardian Angel Coming soon
Dance of the Angels My Earth Angel
Angel of Dreams  


Tributes to:  
Mothers and Fathers - Husbands and Wives

Will You Still Love Me When I'm Old Everything You Never Did
To All Mothers and Children of the World A Mother's Prayer


Heart  Strings

Jessie Old Oak Tree
An Act of Kindness The Dress
Little Girl in the Park Today is a Gift
Carl's Garden Before It's Too Late
Keep Your Fork God Lives Under My Bed
Misty I'm Only "17"
Take Hold of Every Moment Best Friends
Lunch With God The Son
Attitude Determines Attitude A Red Marble
The Piano Recital The Most Beautiful Flower



For The Parents In Mourning Deck of Cards
I Am Now In Heaven The Empty Chair
Wake up Call To Be With You Again
One Night I Cried To Jesus Everlasting Light
The Pathway of Pain Standing Room Only
Heaven Beckoned Last Night


Love and Friendship

Two Different Kinds of Love Give A Kind Word

Friendship's Road

It Only Takes A Moment
I am your Child Circle of Friends

Dedications to our Pets
The Greatest Gift I am Free
Old Dog in a Locket Death Row
 How Could You! A Kitten's Prayer

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~~ Patrick Reynolds ~~

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