A Friend To Me ~ Author Unknown


A Friend To Me ~ Author Unknown

I remember the first time I met you,
You said hello on the net to me.
That boggled my mind you see,
You couldn't be saying Hello to me!
I had never met you before,
You were just a stranger to me.

And as the days went on, I talked more
and more of you and me.
I could not imagine why, you'd want
to talk to me.
But now that I know you, for
this long and more;
The more glad I am, that you
had spoken to me.

Why am I glad you say,
Why, because you are a friend to me;
You my friend, have been so good to me.
I just want to say to you,
I love you, for being a friend to me;
For always and evermore,
I thank you for being you.

Author Unknown

This page is dedicated to a very special lady,
a very close and dear friend Pamela Hall
who celebrates her birthday today,
17 March, 2003.....

And on this your special day Pamela
I wish you love and happiness
And a lifetime of sunshine and smiles;
Whilst God forevermore holds you
in the palm of His hand.

Happy birthday my dear friend.
Love and angel hugs

It pains me greatly to place 'Author Unknown'
on this page, for these words of
love and friendship were penned by a very
gifted and talented person.

If you should know the author of this wonderful
friendship poem please email Judy so as
I can place the appropriate credit to the
author on this page.

Thank you.

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Artist and title of painting is unknown by me.

If you should have information regarding the artist
please contact Judy so as I can
place the appropriate credit on this page.

Thank you.