Before me in a field of green,

Appears a radiant shining dream.

It dances around so light and fair,

As if it glides upon the air.

A coat so shimmering, shining white,

A horn so brightly gold, it gives off light.

So pure of heart, so full of life,

My unicorn dances off into the night.

Come back, come back I say

Please come back so we can play.

Slowly he turns and shakes his head,

" I can not with you stay and play,

But I leave you with this instead".

A pure heart, a peaceful soul,

And dreams yet not to be born,

Just don't ever stop believing in the unicorn.

He turned his head and danced out of my sight.

He left me there, but not alone that night.

For in my heart there'll always be,

The memory of my unicorn and me...

~ Author Unknown ~

This Page is dedicated to Cheryl, a very dear friend from LOTH.
~ Happy Birthday Cheryl ~

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