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~ Santa's Gift ~

He knelt beside the manger bed
A tear was in his eye.
His jolly laugh and manner gone,
As he heard the baby sigh.

"Sweet sleeping child, I never
meant to push aside your birth
To lose you in the tinsel,
Or trade gifts for things of worth.

It seems that long forgotten
is the star o'er Bethlehem
Angels voices, and shepherds watching,
Cattle lowing and a lamb.

is the rag wrapped baby.
Born to be a king.
Amid the gifts and stockings
That Santa Claus will bring.

I only meant to spread some hope,
To all the sons of earth,
And share the joy in giving
Like the wisemen at your birth.

I wanted just to see some peace
In a world so torn with strife.
I only brought presents and candy,
You gave them eternal life."

Still kneeling there with a tear
stained face, Santa saw the eyelids lift,
T'was almost as if he heard these words,

"Dear Santa, I accept your gift."


Written permission granted by Paula Vaughan to use her art on this website.

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