Lord, I know for everything there is
a purpose but somehow I cannot see
What purpose does a child's
death have and all of the misery.

A Mother expects to nurture
and raise every child you give,
To care for them and love
them everyday that they live.

Is it fair to take them even
when they are so young?
It is so hard to understand
since their lives have just begun.

Tell me you needed them
more than us on earth;
Tell me it was your own
plan from the day of their birth.

For often guilt and blame
tears the parents apart;
How often you see that
nothing heals their hear.t

What can one do to help
comfort them in their grief?
What words can I tell them
to bring them some relief?

How can I tell a mourning
Mother that this was your will?
How can I expect them to listen
to me and want me around them still?

You see Lord, they do not understand
and honestly I have a hard time too.
How death is just a part
of life and of being with you.

You gave us emotions and feelings
that show others how we feel;
Tears are sometimes the only
way of grieving and of how we heal.

A Mother's tears flow freely while
a Father's sometimes are never shown;
No one can understand because
his deep sorrow is not known.

How can we reach those who hide
their grief and keep it all inside?
You know the end result is depression
and unresolved anger is what they try to hide.

Touch their hearts Lord and
let them see it is alright to cry.
Help them find the
answers to the questions "why"?

Let their tears be the
beginning of grief
and healing as they
are meant to be.

With each tear bring your
comfort and your healing hand;
Somehow show them that
each life was always planned.

Let them feel your unconditional love,
the one that is oh so real!
Let the tears they
shed be the ones that heal!

Author Unknown

If you should know the author of this poem,
please email me so that I may place the
appropriate credit on this page.

Thank you.

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