Please look at me carefully the next time you see me.
Please notice that I am small and weak.
Please listen carefully the next time you see me.
Please notice that I don't know much.

Like you, I was born helpless,
And growing up so I can take care
of myself, will take a long time too.
I need food. I need rest.
I need to be kept clean.

I need to be kept warm in winter and cool in summer.
I need to be taken in your arms or sat on your lap.
I need to feel your skin against my skin.
I need your help to heal my hurts.
I need you to play with just so you and I
can have good times together.

I need you to teach me everything you can
so I'll have a chance in this world when I grow up.
I need your patience.
I know I'm not very orderly.
I cry out for things like food and attention
the second I need them.

I can't help it, and I know that bothers you sometimes.
All I can hope is that you will be patient with me
until I can learn to be patient too.
Above all, I need to know you love me.
Even if your parents gave you no love,
try to give a little to me,
so I can give a little to my children
and they can give a little to their children.

I need so much from you, yet I have
only one thing I can give you in return,
That is my love.
Today and tomorrow and as long as I live.

~ Author Unknown ~