If you knew that I could see through you, your colors
would never show;
Because the vision that's revealed to us, is not the
 person that we know.
Some lead with their heads, others hide behind their heart
And those that follow theirs, are the leaders of the "art".

The Angels came before us, danced the lessons of today,
the audience that heard music, felt the movement say...
It's the Dance of the Angels that keeps heaven
 and earth apart;
It's the Dance of the Angels that leaves messages
of the heart.
Some will learn to listen, some will never hear
Some can touch a wing, and some come very near.
You have to earn your right to fly,
your obligation to the dance.
Sacrifice and honor, a willingness to take a chance.
An angel never forfeits another mortal's love,
It's a lesson that's imprinted on their souls
from up above.

Be careful not to glance, at a glittering starlight's pace
Study all there is to see, within your lover's gentle face.
Because the Angels give flickering notice, when
 the parting must begin.
Never ask them if tomorrow, will be yours to share again
You can only redeem a promise, while devoted to the earth;
And when you arrive in heaven, you'll grasp the
knowledge of its worth.

If you know you're not a dancer, and your spirit
 cannot sway,
Surround yourself with those who lilt, and try
 to learn today.
To join the Dance of Angels, wrap your arms
around the skin,
Be your lover's velvet blanket,  and show
 your heart within.
Wipe away the tear, that nourished
the soul inside.
Kiss the lashes on the windows, when
all the joy has cried.
Sweep away the hair, that hides the loving smile
Rock gently side by side, make it forever and awhile.

This is how the Angels, begin to learn the dance;
It's the spirit of the flight, delay your quickening glance.
Look closely at your presence, question why
 it is you're here.
Give a purpose to your being, and be grateful
 that you're near.
Nearer to discovery and all you've come to hold,
It's the Dance of the Angels, showing how we unfold.

The truth is easy to discard, ignore and walk away;
And to have Danced with an Angel, was the
fate of your today.
Some will learn to listen, Some will never hear;
Some can touch a wing, Some came very near.
It's the Dance of the Angels, that keeps
heaven and earth apart;
It's the Dance of the Angels, that leaves
messages of the heart.

~~ Author Unknown ~~

It pains me greatly to place 'Author Unknown'
on this page, for these words of wisdom were penned
by a very gifted and talented person.
If you should know the author of this inspirational
writing, please email me so as I can place the
appropriate credit to the author
on this page.

Thank you

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Painting used on this page is titled
Star Dance
Jeffrey Bedrick.

Please click on the pic below
to visit Jeffrey Bedrick Gallery of Art.

Artwork is used with written permission
from Jeffrey Bedrick.