I am now in Heaven,
The gates have opened wide,
And now I have the privilege
Of walking by His side.
The angel choir is singing,
And the music is so sweet.
I'll join them just as soon as
I have worshiped at His feet.

I am now in Heaven,
The blood washed throng is here.
I recognize a lot of them,
There's not a single tear.
There's joy beyond description
And reunions by the score,
There'll be no separations,
For we'll be here evermore.

I am now in Heaven,
Please wipe away your tears.
I've fought the battle, run the race,
I'm rid of all my fears.
There is no pain or sorrow here,
The heartaches now are past.
I've read and sung of Heaven,
And now I'm here at last!

I am now in Heaven,
And Oh, the Place is grand!
No one could ever tell me
All the beauties of this land.
Since I cannot describe it,
You'll have to come and see
That it was worth the trials
To live here eternally!

~ Author Unknown ~