It's been over a year since the angels came
With their feathery wings calling your name
Up to the last moment you laughed and you smiled
Seeing you there like a small fragile child

I saw the fear that you tried to hide
In your eyes so brown it could not be denied
You said you were ready so just let you go
But how could I do it when I loved you so

I tried to be brave to do what was right
But giving you up it cut like a knife
You drew your last breath with no one around
I've felt so guilty did I let you down

I promised I'd be there holding your hand
You wouldn't be alone I promised you Dan
But I had to go back to my home
Leaving you there dying alone

When I got the call that said you were gone
I felt so alone so guilty and wrong
I should have stayed and been there with you
Making your last wishes somehow come true

The pain has been strong never going away
Hurting so bad I wish I had stayed
But Heaven beckoned and you answered the call
Walked in to the light standing so tall

You are so loved and missed even more
I love you dear brother you're the one I adore.

Author Unknown

It pains me greatly to place 'Author Unknown' on this page, for these
words of love and friendship were penned by a very gifted and
talented person. If you should know the author of this
inspirational writing, please email Judy so as
appropriate credit to the author
can be acknowledged.

Thank you.



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Artwork used with permission from Thomas Kinkade.
Painting used is titled 'Aspen Chapel'.

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