It is the love of angels
I am told,
That turns cold hearts
to ones of gold.

Who brings us in
from the shivering rain,
Who cuddles us close
to them in our pain.

It is the love of angels
who live on high,
Who journey with us
in our lives until we die.

They shelter and keep us
through the night,
And gives us their strength
so we can fight.

It is the love of angels
from another world,
Who believe in us
gives us wisdoms of pearl.

They wake with us each day
in birds and song,
And help us forgive ourselves
for all our wrong.

It is the grace of the angels
that let us see,
The kindness of the souls
and life's misery.

They help us accept
both the love and the fear,
Of being human and
most of all - being here.

It is the laughter of the angels
that let us play,
So that we can become children
of another day.

They want us to envision
the dreams we have let go,
Yes, it is the love of Angels
that has told us so.

~ Author Unknown ~

If anyone knows the author of this inspirational poem,
I would appreciate you emailing me with the author's name
so that I can place the appropriate credit
on this page.

Painting 'Heavenly Hands'
used with permission of
Greg Olsen