On a battlefield, deep in the sand,
I lay my body down
When face to face with life and death,
A Saviour I have found!

Words from my youth come now to life.
They seem to live and breathe!
I want to follow, all my life;
To Him my soul release!

"Only believe," Lord, You have said.
So, I lay down to die
To all the old life, rising up
To live for You on high!

When the battle’s raging, Lord,
And life, here, is hard to meet,
I know You will remind me
That we’ll walk a golden street!

When good has smitten evil
And oppressed people freed,
We’ll triumph over all the odds.
We called Your name in need.

Almost before we made the prayer,
Before we gave it breath,
You came and stayed and triumphed
With the hearts that loved You best!

© 2003 ~ Joan Clifton Costner

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