Can you hear the gentle whisper?
Can you feel it in the breeze?
When the waves come softly to the shore
Does it urge you to your knees?

There's a reverence in the flutter
Of the sea gulls passing by;
I watch them and I wonder
When I'll fly.

Then the earth just turns its face enough
To bend the rays just so ~
God lays the colors gracefully
In such majestic glow!

I can't imagine at such times
That wars are being raged;
I'm almost touching Heaven,
I don't want to turn the page.

It's very hard to realize
When such a scene's in view,
That God has made a better place
That waits for me and you.

So, I'll cherish His sweet touches
In the gentle breeze that blows;
I'll listen for the still small voice
In the hush of winter snow.

And when He spreads His canopy
Of diamonds 'cross the sky,
I'll thank Him for these treasures
He made just for you and I.

Joan Clifton Costner

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Art by Danny Hahlbohm is used with written permission

Midi playing 'Visions' used with permission
by Andy Klapwyk