Id like to send a 'Thank You', Lord,
For all the friends You send;
The ones that keep on reading every
Word You give to lend.

I pray that You will keep my heart tuned
Oh, so keen on Thee,
That I wont vary from the path
You set before my feet.

And these that come so faithfully,
To read a verse or two;
Lord, will you touch their hearts the way
You do when I listen to You?

Id like to send the warm feeling
That comes soothing to my heart.
I like to give them confidence,
Before they even start ...

To read the words or feel the Love
That You have given me.
Bless them, all along the way.
Bless them eternally!

2004 ~ Joan Clifton Costner

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Midi playing 'Mist' used with permission
by Andy Klapwyk

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