They said the vows, and pledged their love
But they were miles apart;
They raised a family and gave
Always, from the heart.

Although they saw from different heights
And different points of view,
They had one thing in common
That was their love of You.

They never knew as they progressed
And time’s road went along
They walked alone together,
Sometimes...even sang the very same song.

Their lives were like a triangle,
They occupied the ends;
You were at the top, Lord,
You always kept them friends.

To their surprise, as years went on
And they drew near the top;
So much closer, now, to You
Each loved You a whole lot.

And they discovered ~ hair all white,
They walked so closely now...
Remembering frequently the day
They had made their vows.

Only You, in each of them,
Kept the words intact;
The vows and pledges still are held
In every thoughtful act.

And closer drawn has been the case,
Because these two, together, yet alone ~
Had mutual love and trust in You
Together ~ it brought them home.

© 2005 by Joan Clifton Costner

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