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~~ Through the Eyes of Love ~~

Let me see the sunrise,
On a morning just like this:
Let me feel the strength of you,
The softness of your kiss.

Let me see a rainbow
Arched across the stormy sky,
While you whisper words of love
Like a gentle lullaby.

Let me see the sunset
At the ending of each day,
And when night shadows fall,
The stars will light our way

It's through the eyes of love,
I see beauty everywhere.
And my greatest happiness
Is in the special love we share.

2002 Marian Jones

~~ God Bless You Today ~~ 

May God bless your life today,
With so many beautiful things:
Sunshine, love and laughter;
The joy that friends can bring.

With happy thoughts and smiles
And nothing to bring you tears;
I pray for no-one to hurt you
Or cause you to have any fears.

For when the day has ended
And long shadows softly creep;
I pray that God will bless you
With a night of peaceful sleep.

Marian Jones 2004

~~ A Mother's Love ~~

A mother's love is special
A love beyond compare
It's patient and forgiving,
Non-judgemental, always fair.

Tender warm and caring,
As no other love could be,
It sparkles like a diamond
For all the world to see.

At the start of all creation,
God made a love of gold,
He placed it in a mother's heart
Its beauty to behold.

Marian Jones 2002

~~ Memory Lane ~~

There is a place in every heart,
They call it Memory Lane,
Where thoughts of loved ones lost
Forever will remain.

God made this special place
When He first created man,
For He knew it would be needed,
As part of our life's plan.

He knew when loved ones left us,
We'd need some time to heal,
To come to terms with sorrow
And the loneliness we'd feel.

So when you lose a loved one
And your life is filled with pain,
The comfort of their presence
Will be found in Memory Lane.

Marian Jones 2002

~~ Angel ~~

I felt an angel's presence
On the day you left my side:
A gentle touch upon my cheek,
To wipe the tears I cried.

I seemed to hear her whisper,
"Your loved one's in God's care.
Just turn your eyes to Heaven
And know he's resting there."

Her presence brought me comfort.
It was as if she knew
My faith in God was tested,
On the day that I lost you.

The years have swiftly passed.
Yet, still, I sense her near
And know, whatever comes my way,
She'll help me through each fear.

God never leaves us helpless,
As along life's path we roam:
An angel always comes our way
To guide us gently home.

2002 by Marian Jones

~~ Remember ~~

Remember me with a smile
Now my life on this earth is done.
My dreams have all been fulfilled
And a new life has just begun.

Remember me with a smile
When grief may cause you to weep.
One day we will laugh once again
When our Heavenly meeting we keep.

Let's be thankful we shared precious love,
Keep the memories warm for a while,
Let them bring peace to your heart
And remember me - with a smile.

Marian Jones 2002

~~ Nightfall ~~

I sit and watch from my window
as the stars come out at night,
Sparkling against a black velvet sky
filling the world with light.

I sit and watch, and I wonder
how can this miracle be?
The light from the sun has gone
then this magic performance we see.

Somewhere high in the Heavens
Gods hand is changing the view.
I bow to His mighty power
the wondrous things He can do.

I sit and watch from my window,
God's beautiful work I survey;
My soul is touched by His presence
when night welcomes the end of the day.

Marian Jones 2002

~~ First Love ~~

I wonder where you are now
First love of long ago?
Do you ever think about me;
Do sweet memories flow?

If by chance we met again,
Would we feel the same?
Or have the passing years
Extinguished love's old flame?

Could our love have lasted,
I often question why?
For I can't recall a quarrel
Before we said goodbye.

I wish I could remember;
Bring all the past to mind.
Though best that I forget you now;
Leave memories behind.

So many years have slipped away;
Different roads we've traveled too,
Yet sometimes in my sleep
I share sweet dreams with you.

I wake up in the morning;
Your presence seems so real.
Then I travel back in time,
Recalling how I used to feel.

2002 Marian Jones

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