The sleeping world awakens,
Spring comes to field and fold,
All nature's bathed in sunlight
As the earth spills out her gold.

Blossoms scent in morning air;
The skies are warm and clear;
Hearts are filled with promise,
Now Easter Time draws near.

It's time for new beginnings
When faith can be restored,
Joy and peace fill every heart
Who hail the risen Lord.

Marian Jones

My heart was full of sorrow
So I climbed a mountain high.
I looked down on God's creation
Then threw my worries to the sky.

Higher and higher they drifted
Through the endless space:
I prayed that God would take them,
These problems I couldn't face.

I knew that He would guide me
If I put my trust in Him,
I needed clearer vision
For my eyes were growing dim.

In the tranquil mountain air
I felt my worries cease
God must have heard my cries
For my heart was filled with peace.

Marian Jones ~ 2004

Be still and quietly listen
To a voice that's always there,
God promised not to leave us,
So draw close to Him in prayer.

Let go of fleeting thoughts
That clutter up your mind,
For in His loving presence
True wisdom you will find.

Be still and lean on Him,
Your worries all will cease,
For his everlasting love,
Will bring eternal peace.

Marian Jones ~ 2002

In the still hours of the night,
When all the world is sleeping,
Many souls are in despair ~
In the darkness softly weeping.

Some are gripped by loneliness,
Missing loved ones gone.
Life doesn't seem worth living.
It's a struggle to carry on.

Others are fighting harsh pain,
Crying out for relief.
They try to keep on praying.
But, it's hard to hold on to belief.

Yet, it's in the darkest hours,
Until the morning light.
God draws close, to those who suffer,
In the stillness of the night.

He longs to give them comfort,
Take every pain away,
Enfolds them in His loving arms
'Til the night turns into day.

2004 ~ Marian Jones

Precious, tender memories
can comfort us in sorrow
Giving us a reason,
to look towards tomorrow.
We can recall a word or deed
from an unexpected source,
That helped uplift our spirits
as we travelled on life's course.

So never dwell on troubles,
of a cross you had to bear,
Search deep within your heart
and find sweet memories there.
Life is just a mixture
of sunshine with some rain,
But memories of sunny days
are the ones that should remain.

Marian Jones ~ 2002


If I could have one chance
To be with you again,
I'd fill your world with sunshine,
Take away your pain.

It's only now with hindsight,
I realise your worth,
So I'd worship and adore you
For all our time on earth.

If I could have a chance
Forgiveness I would plead,
For all the hurt I caused you
I'd fulfil your every need.

This chance that I am seeking,
From pride I will retreat,
For just to have you in my arms
Would make my life complete.

Marian Jones ~ 2002

Walk through life with a caring heart,
You'll always find someone in need;
Go out of your way to help,
And you will be blessed by the deed.

For all life's blessings are born,
From a heart that's filled with love,
And all your good acts are seen
By the eyes of God above.

So as you travel through life
Always find some time to spare,
To give someone a helping hand,
With a heart that is full of care.

Marian Jones ~ 2002

Thank you God for little things
That bring much joy our way,
Like a sudden burst of sunshine
Cleansing a sky of grey

A kindness from a stranger,
Children's laughter as they play;
There are so many little things
That brighten up each day.

Things we take for granted,
Like someone's thoughtful deed:
A perfect flower unfolding
Amidst a patch of weeds.

So at the end of every day
When we turn to God and pray
Let's thank Him for the little things,
He loves to send our way.

Marian Jones ~ 2002

It stands in the garden border,
So elegant and tall,
The lovely yellow sunflower,
The happiest flower of all.

It loves to hold its head high
Towards the Heavens above,
For it knows that God is watching
And tending it with love.

A lesson can be learned
From this gracious yellow flower,
It doesn't question how it grows,
But trusts God's wondrous power.

Marian Jones ~ 2002

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