God sent me a special person,
With a beauty beyond compare,
A gentle smile and a caring heart
And so much compassion to share.

She's the precious love of my son Troy,
Her nature's so sweet and kind,
When I asked God for someone special,
He had Elly Rose in mind.

He then sent another blessing,
A grandchild He promised to me,
Now Elly has given me Joshua,
A grandson as dear as can be.

I love her just like a daughter,
On her we can all depend,
She's made our family complete,
Elly Rose my wonderful friend.

Marian Jones - 21 February, 2002


Thank you Marian for this beautiful poem
written especially for a very special young lady
~ Elly Rose ~

Elly Rose, I love you like a daughter
You will always have a special place in my heart.



~~ Painting 'Loves Dawning' ~~
by Mary Baxter St Clair

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