There are treasures that money can't buy,
Like the smile on a baby's face:
A stroll through a garden of flowers,
To rest in a tranquil place.

The magic of a sudden rainbow
Colours that never change,
The pattern created by God,
A plan we can't re-arrange.

A meadow turned emerald green
By the touch of an April shower,
The warmth of the summer sun,
The scent of a beautiful flower.

The comfort of murmuring water
From a river sparkling with light,
The sun going down in the evening,
Making way for the stars at night.

The seasons that come and go,
Changing as God had planned,
His wondrous power we behold,
On every part of the land.

It's not the things that we buy,
That bring us the greatest pleasure,
If we look at the beauty around us,
We'll find joy in God given treasures.

Marian Jones 2002

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