In a world that's filled with trouble,
There seems no place to go
To escape from all the problems,
When life has dealt us a blow.

Perhaps, there's a secret garden
Where only peace can grow,
A place to find some solace,
A seed of hope to sow ...

A place where we can discover
What is here for every man.
Is our life just a passing moment,
Or are we part of a greater plan?

If we search the whole world over,
Will we find the garden one day?
Or, have we become blind to the fact
That it may not be far away.

Tonight, as I knelt in prayer,
I asked for the reason for life.
Where is a place we can go
To escape all the trouble and strife?

There, in my heart, was the answer.
It was placed there a long time ago.
The Kingdom of God is within us.
That's where our spirit can grow.

We can turn from the world, for a while,
And look in our hearts to explore
The promise He made to us all.
We'll find peace if we follow God's Law.

© Marian Jones 2002

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Painting ' Garden of Prayer' by
Thomas Kinkade
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