Resting Place
It's a quiet and tranquil place
 and this is where you lie.  
In the silence I hear your voice,
see your face in the clear blue sky.
It seems so wrong that you are here,
and  yet it had to be;
Your time on earth was over, 
You left this world and me.
I can't help feeling cheated, 
You were too young to die, 
But one day I'll come to you 
And understand the reason why.
Until that time has come, 
I'll tend your place with care, 
I'll cover it with flowers
and know you'll see them there.
You always said I cared for you
In good times and in bad, 
And I'll go on as before
Although my heart's so sad.
Yet there is some comfort 
from tending to your grave.  
I feel your love surround me here, 
A strength that keeps me brave.
Although your body's resting, 
I know your spirit's free.  
I sense you watching from above 
And caring still for me.

So when my life is over, 
I'll join you where you lie, 
And then we'll be as one again,
Two soul mates in the sky.
Written by
Marian Jones


God bless you Marion for sending me your beautiful poem to be used on my site.

Art work 'Perfect Red Roses' by Thomas Kinkade