He carried His cross and wore the thorns,
His fate was marked from the day He was born.
He gave His Son so that we may live;
For all eternity as He forgives...
Our daily sins that are truly many
As we receive His blessings which are always plenty.

He arose that day from the darkened tomb;
How sad we take for granted, how sad we assume...
The wonderful blessings that He bestows upon us;
And think in our minds that He always must....
Do for us when we don't do for Him;
Give Him time and praise when our days begin.

The stone was rolled away and the angels sang;
On Easter day, Praise be to His name.
What a sacrifice that He did make;
When no one else could have taken His place.
He's waiting in heaven with outstretched arms,
To save and protect us from all that might harm.

Shirley Jean Pickens ~ 2004







Picture of Christ and the Cross ~~ Artist name is unknown to me
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