I'll have a place in Heaven one day,
And see all of it's glory;
I'll sit at the feet of Jesus Christ,
And hear His blessed story....

Of how His life was given for me,
That I'll have eternal being;
We'll walk those streets of solid gold,
And on Him I will be leaning.

He's "Heaven's Perfect Lamb", you know?
God's only begotten Son;
He's always loved and cared for me,
Ever since my life's begun.

My family is so very precious,
I feel so blessed today;
I know their love is always there,
To help me along the way.

Until then, I will go on,
And live my daily life;
And try so hard to overcome,
The tasks of daily strife.

He will come for me one day,
I'll praise His name and sing;
The wonders of His love and grace,
And know He is my King.

Shirley Pickens

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