Wings of Hope ~ Alan Giana

See A Red Bird ~ Shirley Jean Pickens

See a red bird, blow a kiss,
Make a wish and it will come true;
I see the red birds, I've blown my kiss,
I've made this wish just for you.....

I wish for you God's blessings,
To follow you everywhere;
I wish for "angel dust,"
To be sprinkled in your hair.

I wish you love and happiness,
And God's amazing grace;
I wish you smiles of laughter,
To come upon your face.

I wish you a Merry Christmas,
And lots of family joy;
A season filled with good things,
For the little girls and boys.

My wishes are carried to heaven,
On the beautiful red bird wings;
May God always bless you,
With all your favorite things.

May love, kindness and giving,
Be a part of your daily life;
And may Christmas always be in your heart,
As you watch the red birds in their flight.

Send someone a red bird,
So they may be happy, too;
And send their special wishes,
From the kiss that they just blew.

May these wishes that you've made,
Come back to you ten fold;
And may this red bird story,
Be forever told.

Shirley Jean Pickens

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Painting ' Wings of Hope' by Alan Giana.

Used with written permission from Alan Giana.
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Alan Giana Gallery of Art