I offer you my heart in love,
I have lots of them to spare;
I know in my heart that you'll say, "Yes,"
So with you, this I'd like to share....

I come to you with heart in hand,
As I hold a basket full in the other;
I promise to be by your side for always,
As we walk through life together.

I give you my heart so guard it well,
It's yours just for the taking;
A lifetime of love from beginning to end,
As sweet memories are in the making.

Please hold this close for I want you to know,
That I will always care;
Feel my love and just tap on your heart,
And I promise, I will be there.

You'll be my soul mate, you'll be my friend,
I know that you are mine;
The answer is right there in your heart,
When I say, "Please Be My Valentine."

Shirley Jean Pickens ~ 2004

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