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~~ I Had A Dream ~~

Last night I had a dream
Like so many dreams before,
Only this time I was walking
To visit you at heavens door.

While climbing up those golden stairs
Your favorite song came out of me,
The song for which you were famous for
The beautiful "Staggerlee"

My heart so filled with happiness
My eyes misty with tears,
I'm finally going to see you Dad
As Heavens door slowly appears.

My mind so full of memories
All good not one thing bad,
Like the pet name that you gave to me
When you used to call me "Dad".

When I opened the door to heaven
Daddy you were standing there,
Singing my favorite song "Little Rosa"
While a group of angels filled the air.

Then I dreamt I fell into your arms
You kissed me on the cheek,
Then you said, "Dad, just rest awhile
Your journey has made you weak".

What a wonderful time together
We would laugh and then I'd cry,
You're my Buddy, my Friend, and my Dad
And I'll love you even after I die.

Well Dad, that's when I woke up
Thinking what do I do about me?
My answer came in my dream tonight
I'll just remember you, like you used to be...

Written by Terry P. Barnes


Artwork used with permission of Danny Hahlbolm
Inspired Art by Danny Hahlbohm