Today I knew you were lonely,
I was watching while you cried;
I wanted to reach out and touch you,
Let you know I was by your side.

It hurts me to see you grieving,
For I know you can't understand.
If only just for one moment,
You could feel the touch of my hand.

Beyond the veil that divides us
I'm only a heartbeat away;
Though my life on earth is over
I am walking beside you each day.

As the sun rises in the morning,
I can still share the beauty with you,
Here in my heavenly home,
I see from a different view.

I hear your sighs in the evening
When a myriad of stars are aglow;
I sense that you are remembering,
The love that we shared long ago.

Tonight when sleep beckons you
In dreams you'll sense me draw near.
When the sun rises in the morning,
Remember my love I'm still here.

Marian Jones 2003

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This page is dedicated to Karen, in the hope that
it will bring you peace, comfort and the
knowledge that the love you shared with your
husband whilst he was on earth is still
shared beyond the veil.

True love does not stop with the passing of a loved one
from spirit love is still given and received;
when it is your time to leave this earthly home
the love of your life will be waiting to greet you
and welcome you to heaven.


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